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I am what Lewis Hyde labelled “a scholar without institution”. My background is a blend of information theory and algorithmics, but I particularly relish expressing myself in other areas: linguistics, philosophy, and humanism.I have been writing online since 1998. Most of the content up until 2003 has been lost, likely intentionally. I have archived my work from 2003 to late 2007, but may publish parts of it here eventually. As of October 2018, I’ve rearranged my written work on this site to comply with the principles of IndieWeb, thus removing the content silos while taking back full control by centralizing structured information.
實事求是 – A Book of Han precept traditionally translated as “seek truth from facts” (Simplified: 实事求是), hinting at living a rational life of continuous learning and thinking. This is a guiding maxim I adopted in my life back in 2001, when I first started studying Mandarin on my own.
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I prefer encrypted communication and urge you to communicate with me as such. My PGP key is: 21C6 05A8 06DB A50D. If that doesn’t click with you, use ProtonMail instead. You can email me at BorixDao<at>protonmail<dot>com. You can find me on Twitter @BorixDao.
Here’s what I’m working on at present.