How I plan my day

I’ve got a benchmark of a plan, from which I often digress due to the large number of unknown factors that life serves as the major forces behind random processes and events. It is very simple and I’ve illustrated it below:

Daily schedule

I start my day with taiji or qigong – it’s a great functional and mental activity. My body gets the necessary stretch (and more health benefits), and my mind is prepared for what ensues. These ancient Chinese practices are best done under the numinous sounds of nature.

Following my taiji and the morning care, I prepare for the day. I review my priorities & objectives, which I will have likely jotted down the night before, and then I ask myself one question, which I have learned to ask from my Torah Judaism studies: What good shall I do today to make the world a better place?

Before I start working, I handle emails and other electronic messages (e.g. chats). I step away from any such interrupting media until my next break or until some urgent matter requires action.

While working, almost always in front of computer screens, I tend to alternate between sitting and standing. I always take a five-minute break away from my desk every 40-50 minutes. I walk toward a place with windows where I can see far away – that helps my eyes relax from the strain caused by the computer screens, but it also helps the mind clear out any unnecessary garbage it may have collected hitherto.

During your typical lunch break, I tend to read a book (unrelated to work) and, if time permits, go for a 10-15-minute walk away from any work context.

After work, I tend to dedicate my time to family and, when possible, to very close friends. Spending quality time is healthy and important.

Late in the evening, I tend to focus on personal development, such as working on a new skill, writing my journal, reading in various languages I speak, and reflecting on the question I ask every morning — whether during the day I made the world a better place, even if by a tiny bit.

That’s a cool way that helps me exercise agency in life.


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