On deresponsibilization

When an individual of any society is deresponsibilized, that is, the individual’s own responsibilities and accountabilities are absorbed by a higher system, which we shall henceforth refer to as the ‘Warm Hand’, then that individual has lost several vital virtues.

The individual has lost their freedom. When the Warm Hand takes the individual by the hand and cares for them responsibly, the individual has been enslaved. For, should the Warm Hand die out, the individual will be left in a perplexed state, a state of shock, and a state whence they can’t emerge sanely. This particular phenomenon was largely observed upon the collapse of the Communist systems of the 20th century. Once every collectivist system collapsed, desperation replaced the Warm Hand. Individuals formerly under the care of the withered Warm Hand fell prey to poverty, shock, and death by disappointment as they realized they had been deresponsibilized by the very hand that kept them warm.

In addition to their freedom, the individual’s intellect has lost the ability to thrive. Paradoxically, a hand that keeps you warm does not guarantee intellectual survival, let alone enhancement. Once the Warm Hand begins to turn cold, the rate of intellectuals begins to plummet relative to the rate of individual responsibilization, which the successor of the Warm Hand naturally begins to institute. Too, this occurrence was observed as the aforementioned Communist systems began to be replaced by systems that deresponsibilized individuals hoped would re-responsibilize. Yet, they realized they were not ready. They fell into depression. Their intellect could not adapt because it was desperately searching for the Warm Hand. Therefore, they did not continue to live, but instead continued to exist in a hardly revocable disabled state, constantly mourning the loss of the Warm Hand.

The individual has finally lost the ability to be financially responsible for themselves and their family. Deresponsibilization whispers in your ear comforting you that everything has been taken care of, that people are all nice to you and care about your well-being, and that you need not worry about anything, for the Warm Hand will wipe away every tear and there shall be no more weeping. Under that delirious state of care, how could you expect the deresponsibilized individual to be financially intelligent, or apt in money matters? As an example for this instance, we need not go as far as the now defunct Communist systems that condemned most of the individuals of this planet to an irreparable state of poverty. We can merely look left and right and pick the ordinary individual who is employed and lives on every paycheck. Or, the individual that lives and sacrifices for their pension once they retire (if they live that long). Or, the individual whose medical bill is taken care of by the state, such as here in Canada. Those individuals have a Warm Hand that cares for them, but they don’t realize that they have lost all aforementioned virtues because they are merely indulging in a deresponsibilized mind. They are poor and they will cling onto that poverty and mooch off of the Warm Hand, unless they realize the gains of responsibilization.

It is, therefore, vital for the individual to continuously improve. And the best way to do that is to constantly solve the problems they face. Many individuals prefer meandering through the landscape of problems they encounter in their lives — be those problems financial, health, or social in nature. That way, they toil prowling around, and seek hands to keep them warm as the baby breast-crawls searching for its mother’s nipple. Instead of the warm milk, they find the Warm Hand — yes, that very Warm Hand that will now lovingly deresponsibilize them, thus leading them into the dark abyss of slavery. Instead of meandering through the problems, the individual ought to, should, must improve by solving those problems. That gradual improvement will impregnate the their minds with the power required to stun any hand that offers warmth throughout the immeasurable difficulties of the their lives.

Here’s my one piece of advice: Do not let yourself fall prey of the enticing promises of deresponsibilization. You will lose your freedom, your ability to thrive, and your financial intelligence — three virtues that keep you alive, although you may fail to realize that. Instead, stop whimpering about the difficulties of life and responsibilize yourself to the best of your abilities by being an active problem-solver, i.e. by enhancing your critical faculties. I end with Sergio Marchionne‘s laconic summary of what I just wrote:

There’s nothing worse in life than being a victim of a process that’s outside of your control


Header photo: 2017, Kauai, WB


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